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Train And Review Team And Coaching Programs

OUR TEAM consists of qualified nurse educators; nurses experienced in healthcare delivery and experienced teachers. All our college prepared facilitators are experts in their field and have minimum 10 years experience in their specific areas.

OUR PROGRAMS are customized to fit your needs, enhance your strengths, improve deficits, develop and use strategies that result in over all success.

OUR METHOD of teaching and learning is designed to ensure that students  become proficient by demonstrating mastery of skills and knowledge learned.

OUR GOAL is to provide you with successful tools, that will enable you to acquire, retain, transfer,  and apply knowledge.

Coaching for Nursing Students

Full semester or part-time coaching is available.

We work with you to:-

-Develop a plan of action with objectives and goals 

-Establish timelines to meet goals

-Identify strategies for motivation and  empowerment

-Create and use tools to build skills, knowledge and critical thinking.

-Use our daily on call support when needed for information and encouragement

-Locate and use resources

-Develop and use techniques to balance  course work with lifestyle activities

Email Based Coaching Program


This program allows unlimited email contacts with a 12-36 hour response time during weekdays, 10 am-6 pm. Weekend email contacts will be responded to, on the following Monday.

HESI Examination Preparation

We prepare you for both the HESI-A2  entrance exam and the HESI exit exam.

The HESI-A2  exam tests your academic ability to enter the nursing program.

We prepare you in the  basic academic subjects such as; biology, physics, vocabulary, anatomy, reading comprehension, grammar, math and chemistry.

The HESI exit exam test your knowledge, skills and understanding of the entire  nursing curriculum. It prepares you for the NCLEX-RN license exam.

ATI-TEAS Examination Preparation

TEAS is an entry examination used by nursing schools to test your readiness to enter a nursing program.  It tests your academic skills in Math, English Language, Science and Reading.

Our facilitator reviews your competency in these subjects to enable us to build on your strengths and improve your deficits.

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Our goal is to assist you with the tools 

-to acquire, retain and transfer knowledge; and most important, the application of knowledge.


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