About Us

TRAIN AND REVIEW boasts a 97% success rate for students graduating with a minimum grade point of 3.8 and for student success on the entrance and exit nursing exams.


A group of former nursing instructors and teachers realized that some nursing students do have difficulty navigating their way successfully through nursing program. We created Train And Review to provide the tools necessary to build skills and knowledge; provide support and strategies to master the nursing curriculum.

Many potential students are having difficulty passing the entry examination to nursing programs, so Train And Review developed a Exam Preparation Program  to solve that problem.

Our facilitators are college prepared, former college instructors with a minimum of 10 years teaching experience in nursing. We provide a little push, or the continuous support that is not available in college

We Begin By

Connecting with, and building rapport with the student

Reviewing student's academic skills and knowledge

Creating an agenda for the type of program and program sessions that matches your needs

Establishing commitment times

And making sure you know you can depend on on us.

How We Coach and Prepare Students

TRAIN AND REVIEW coaching includes

1. Time management skills-how to maintain a schedule allocating time for class and other commitments.

2. Organization of ideas, class materials, information and digital data; also the transfer and use of knowledge from other fields.

3. Developing  a system to start and complete assignments to prevent lateness

4. Using methods to cope with stress and test anxiety.

5. Effective test taking skills using Critical Thinking

6. How to recognize important information when taking notes.

7. Cognitive  Flexibility- taking the perspective of teachers and peers.

8. Formulating different solutions for problems.

9. Strategies to stay on task and persists through academic challenges.

10. Identifying and using tools to advocate for self with instructors

11. Finding and using technology to improve productivity

12. Developing a work sleep schedule

13. Encouraging contact with Train and Review staff during program

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